More About Me

Welcome to my Randall Realtors website!!! My name is Karen Wong, I came from China in 1996 and I am fluent in both Mandarin and Cantonese. To leave my native country to come live here wasn't easy for me, just like the others I had undertaken many difficulties and challenges to make it through until now. I really enjoy New England weather, especially because you can feel and see the change in season.

          I am a part time student at Three Rivers Community College, and my major is Liberal Arts & Science. In 2006, I decided to become a real estate agent to help friends and people find their dream house. This is the most interesting job I've ever had, the reason is very simple, I get to meet new people and love to see their happiness when they find a new home. Free feel to contact me anytime at 860.608.2292 and I am looking forward to assisting you.

          欢迎来到我的RANDALL REALTORS 网站。我的名字是黄颖殷,于1996年来自中国,能说流利的国语和广东话。离开家乡来这里生活对于我来说一点都不容易,就像其他人一样,我克服了很多困难和挑战。我很喜欢新英格兰的天气,尤其是因为你可以感受到季节的变化。

          我是应该THREE RIVERS COMMUNITY COLLEGE 兼职学生,专修英文。在2006年,我决定成为一名地产中介,帮人们找到他们的梦想之家。这是我从事过的最有意思的工作,原因很简单,我每天都认识新的朋友,当他们找到一个新家,我乐于看到他们欣喜的笑容。欢迎你任何时候和我联系,我的电话是860.608.2290.希望能够帮上忙。